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Staro Zhelezare Street Art Village

Piriankov Centre for Contemporary Art Staro Zhelezare Village, Bulgaria

plakat o Staro Zhelezare

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Staro Zhelezare Contemporary Art Festival. Summer 2014


Staro Zhelezare Contemporary Art Festival, 2nd edition

Festival’s website:

The movie about our village art infecting.


The right understanding of any matter and a misunderstanding of the same matter do not wholly exclude each other.” Franz Kafka „Trial”


„Revitalization of Bulgarian village”
Staro Zhelezare Contemporary Art Festival, 2nd edition 
Piriankov Center for Contemporary Art Staro Zhelezare village
curators: Katarzyna i Ventsislav Piriankov

This is the second edition of Staro Zhelezare Contemporary Arts Festival taking place annually in July and August in Contemporary Art Center established by artists Katarzyna and Ventsislav Piriankov in a small village Staro Zhelezare in the middle of Bulgaria within Thracian Valley. This is the continuation of started last year Bulgarian Countrysida Revitalization project, which has attracted interest of not only an art community, viewers from city, but above all, local rural community, which got engaged beyond all expectations, especially emotionally, in supporting artistic atmosphere. It was intense, introducing year. One could ask why make festival in such a modest village like Staro Zhelezare? But why not? What would be the purpose of art if we didn’t bring it to people? Art in isolation, art for artists is a dead thing.

In the festival participators are artists from Poland, Bulgaria, but also the villagers, among which some of them dusts off or once again discovers their artistic calling. Throughout the whole summer there are carried artistic projects, meetings, workshops, lectures. To sum up, there will be an exhibition opening August 23rd. There will be shown made at the festival works and documentation of artistic actions.

In this year the festival is taking a step further. We would like to take a look at rural tissue a bit deeper and also encourage local people to artistic interaction. The main idea of the project is investigating, watch everyday life, inducing from it elements or surrealism and grotesque, which may conclude in making of artistic objects with surprising elements with features that seduce, but sometimes also repel.

The point is to extract this fantastic mixture of reality, so remote from urban agglomerations, spontaneously and so extraordinarily naturally stepping into fascinating magical-fantasy realm, however distant from moralizing and unambiguous fairytales, where good defeats evil; it’s more like submerged in absurd world of Franz Kafka, Bruno Schulz’s Cinnamon Shops. That’s why, in our opinion, sense of humor and irony are the key. We want to avoid “purely moralizing” formula that often lacks artistic inspiration. Irony can be used as a strong instrument of social-political critique, through for example showing exact opposition of the situation, what can create a strong satiric commentary.

Festival is also concentrated on typical for this region cultural melting pot, where next to each other in the specific symbiosis live and function native Bulgarians deriving from Thracians and the Roma representing most of younger part of community. Throughout generations, the Orthodox, Catholics, Bulgarian Jews and Muslims lived in Bulgaria making a kind of multicultural symbiosis, which is nowadays often discussed, but rarely achieved.
The connection between man and nature is also the key here. Like in Kafka’s works, especially after the dusk, animals turn into creatures, hybrids and other fantastic beings. Choirs of jackals, dogs on the chains barking, foretops on every pole, herds of goats and sheep, cows, hens, tons of flies and mosquitoes, turtles appearing from time to time.

Staro Zhelezare is a place on the one hand rather exotic and very local, on the other however as every other place made of specific social-political relationships and fairly cruel history. There is temptation, like in films of Italian director Passolini, to attempt to analyze constancy of human nature and its most vital needs and desires. There is the temptation to discover treasures that are hidden in lost memories and found dreams. The village, where on the face of it nothing ever happens, is in fact ebullient organism built of emotions, desires, happiness or frustration resulting from human relationships, coexistence with nature, but also social or political factors.

Stories and memories of the villagers, whose the average age is rarely less than 60, are like dusty pearls that are described in fantastic narratives of Bulgarian master of short forms Elin Pelin, “The knowledge and wisdom are the work of the past. While the present is like sea of all of the feelings, where human souls unsure of their path stray. Their tears, their wails, happiness, desires, illusions and highs, their thoughts and experiences fall like priceless pearls into bottomless depth. Only when this sea drifted away into distant past, people find at the bottom lost treasures, drawing the wisdom from them.

Art is not just an entertainment industry or a merchandise. Its role doesn’t come down to giving pleasure and amusing, affirming the convictions. Good art heads towards being mirror of the society, it grows in the atmosphere of living and conscious debate. We should seek for things that distinguish, not things that limit. That’s why, through exceptionally local context, we continue one of our priorities – how by acting locally we can change the world globally, in the name of beauty and love.

Katarzyna Piriankov 

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U Ventziego Piriankova w poznańskiej pracowni

„Bułgar, który zaczarował Poznań”
Spotkanie z bułgarskim artystą w jego poznańskiej galerii. Na początku lat 90. Ventzislav Piriankov przyjechał na studia na ASP i od tego czasu stąd nie wyjechał. Wychowuje kolejne pokolenia poznańskich malarzy, grafików i architektów. Maciek Kautz spotyka Ventziego podczas warsztatów ze studentami. Wiele można o nich powiedzieć, ale nie to, że są zwyczajne…

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Opening of Ventzi Art Gallery Staro Zhelezare, Bulgaria (Старо Железаре, Пловдив, Хисар, Старосел, Карлово, Красново, Житница, Калояново)

list z ministerstwa 2013
A letter from the Bulgarian Ministery of Culture with congratulation for our new art activity in Bulgarian village Staro Zhelezare.

Welcome to the first ART PARTY in Ventzi Art Gallery Staro Zhelezare. We would like to inaugurate the tradition of meetings with art and beauty in the heart of the Thracian Valley. We hope that our idea of such an unusual summer experience will be warmly welcomed. The exhibition is accompanied by the thought – „how acting locally could we change the world globally, in the name of beauty and love.”
PS. Aesthetic feast and drinking water from us, alcohol from you.
We are waiting for you,
Katarzyna and Ventzi Piriankov

Каним ви на първото АРТ ПАРТИ във Ventzi Art Gallery Старо Железаре. По този начин искаме да поставим началото на една традиция свързана с изобразителното изкуство в сърцето на Средногорието. Поставяйки си за цел и имайки надежда, че идеята ще бъде приета със въудушевление, чувство и емоция за едно възвишено и удохотворено лятно преживяване. Основната тема за размисъл е – как действайки локално, можем да променяме света глобално в името на красотата и любовта.
P.S. Естетическата наслада и чешмяната вода от нас, алкохола от вас.
Очакваме ви!
Катажина и Венци Пирянкови

Zapraszamy na pierwsze ART PARTY w Ventzi Art Gallery Staro Zhelezare. Tym samym chcielibyśmy zainaugurować tradycję spotkań związanych z pięknem i sztuką w samym sercu Doliny Trackiej. Mamy nadzieję że nasza idea zostanie przyjęta z entuzjazmem i otwarciem na tego rodzaju nietypowe, letnie doświadczenie. Tematem towarzyszącym wystawie jest myśl – „jak działając lokalnie możemy zmieniać świat globalnie, w imię piękna i miłości”.
PS. Estetyczna uczta i woda do picia od nas, alkohol od was.
Do zobaczenia,
Katarzyna i Ventzi Piriankov


Abstract and utopian art project „Revitalization of the Bulgarian Village / Art for Social Change.” Ventzi Art Gallery Staro Zhelezare
11.08.2013, h. 18:00
Private initiative of the artist Ventzislav Piriankov who lives permanently in Poland. The project takes place in the village of Staro Zhelezare, 40 km north of Plovdiv, at the ancestral Home of Piriankovs, who became famous of manufacturing and dyeing traditional fabrics for the entire region .

The action is socially engaged. It takes place away from the big cities and cultural centers which gather most of the artists and the culture lobby following the career. Away from the snobbery and money rush.
The event in the village of Staro Zhelezare is created to provoke reflection, and an abstract idea – of moving the leadership role of the large centers to smaller places. The question is whether the role of big culture centers is not only the wide-spread standard and stereotype unsupported by practice? Looking at the experience of history we know, that utopian thinking became often the nucleus and provided the key changes. This is the abstract and totally new ideas of artists, philosophers and scientists, that were creating the avant-garde,  the appearance of new qualities, trends and values in the various epochs.
Piriankov performs a kind of research, puts the question –  whether it is possible in practice to change the attitude of local people to the ​​culture area, and transfer art centers to smaller social units.
The exhibition exposes 26 Piriankov’s paintings from different series and species, from different periods of work, following the idea that the real art action is a constant search. There are exhibited therefore abstract, figurative and symbolic paintings. The artist dedicated special place to the master of abstraction – Mark Rothko. Raises the question about the possibility of seeking spirituality in the abstract planes. Piriankov sees the special power of abstraction in the area of contrast . He proposes to the inhabitants of small villages the experience of total isolation from the evedyday life, from the colorful pictures that the eye accustomed to so much, that they simply became the kind of local decorative kitsch – beautiful but not communicative . Moves the viewer into the other,  alternative world of intellectual space, reflection and meditation, far from living needs, daily functioning, and the fight for survival. Allows to create distance and to look at things from a totally different point of view.

Welcome to the funpage on facebook of Galeria Ventzi Staro Zhelezare:

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Ventzi Piriankov w Brazylii 2012/2013

Sztuka Ventziego dociera do Brazylii. Ambasador Polski w Brazylii prof. dr hab. Jacek Junosza Kisielewski urzeczony malarstwem Piriankova planuje promocję i wystawę artysty w Brasilii oraz Rio de Janeiro.
Na zdjęciu: Jego Ekscelencja Jacek Junosza Kisielewski, dr Zbigniew Rau – koordynator Polskiej Platformy Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego.


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I Nagroda dla Ventzislava Piriankova portalu ‚Rynek i Sztuka’

First Prize in the „Art and Market” Competition 2013 for Ventzislav Piriankov

Pierwsze Miejsce w konkursie portalu Rynek i Sztuka dla Ventzislava Piriankova:
katalogog nagroda

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia nagrodzonego Katalogu Prac Piriankova, wraz z opisami i cenami:

plakat  ri sztuka

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Ventzi – „EROTIC IN DER KUNST” April 2013

12-30 kwietnia Ventzi jako główny gość na wystawie
w Galerii Kunst bei Kannegiesser w Norymbergii.


Die Galerie Kunst bei Kannegießer
präsentiert ausgesuchte Werken folgende Künstler:
Ventzislav PIRIANKOW – Polen

Ein Maler der Schönheit, des Lichtes und der LIEBE – so wird er in einem seiner Bücher beschrieben.

Wenn man seine Bilder eingehend betrachtet, wird man die offensichtliche Parallele zur Ikonen – Malerei feststellen.

Seine Madonnen-Darstellungen sind außerordentlich berührend. Ein großer Faktor seines unverkennbaren Stiles ist das Spiel zwischen Licht und Schatten! Piriankow stellt gern die eine Hälfte des Menschen ins Licht und die andere in den Schatten. Eine sehr ungewöhnliche Weise für den Betrachter seiner Kunstwerke, die sehr elitär, sehr fein, und sehr mystisch sind.

· Die Sexualität betrachtet der Künstler , wie viele seiner Künstlerkollegen aus dem östlichen Raum, als ein wunderbares Geschenk des Himmels an den Menschen. Sexualität entspricht gleichzeitig dem Begriff der Fruchtbarkeit, Freude am Leben und an der Liebe.

· Das drückte er in seiner letzten großen Einzelausstellung in Poszen mit dem Motto „CARPE DIEM„ oder „Im Zyklus des Südens„ in seinen Bildern aus.

Piriankow hatte den seltenen Vorzug , zu den Olympischen Spielen in Penking ausstellen zu dürfen. Es folgten Viele internationale Ausstellungen . Zahlreiche Bücher dokumentieren seinen erfolgreiche Weg als Künstler. Piriankov ist verheiratet und hat einen Sohn- und lebt und arbeitet in Pozen

DSC02881 DSC02889 DSC02895 DSC02898 DSC02901 DSC02902 DSC02906 DSC02909 DSC02915 DSC02921DSC02919 m  DSC02924 DSC02927 DSC02928 DSC02929 DSC02932 DSC02939 DSC02948 DSC02950 images Kannegiesser Erotik in der Kunst 04-2013 017 (1600x1067) Kannegiesser Erotik in der Kunst 04-2013 026 (1600x1067) Kannegiesser Erotik in der Kunst 04-2013 030 (1600x1067) Kannegiesser Erotik in der Kunst 04-2013 111 (1600x1067)

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Scena erotyczna w Galerii Ventzi do Polsko-włoskiego „Masterpiece”

Polsko-włoski „Masterpiece” powstaje w PoznaniuMasterpiece to roboczy tytuł polsko-włoskiej koprodukcji filmowej, której szczegóły na razie owiane są tajemnicą. Zdjęcia powstawały w Galeria Ventzi

Na planie tajemniczego projektu podczas wywiadów
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